Have you ever considered that there must be a way to enjoy winter more practically without having to choose between comfort and style? Your life doesn’t stop with the colder weather, so you need a jacket that keeps you going - from morning to evening - without bulk, extra layers, or restrained movement. This problem is exactly what businesswoman, mother, and founder of Narvik, Fatima Rocha, considered when she realized that she needed to own multiple jackets for a spectrum of activities and social situations. She needed a multipurpose jacket that brings comfort and warmth; a jacket she can take with her on business trips but is versatile enough to use for a weekend of camping with her family. She wants it all: functionality, machine washability, comfort and style. Fatima needs a jacket that prioritizes mobility and can stand up to rain, snow, and cold conditions

That is the reason she created Narvik: multipurpose, functional and versatile jackets. Unlike the traditional outdoor options which may offer warmth and functionality, but in separate items or at absurd prices, Narvik offers the best of all worlds. Narvik has assembled a jacket with water-repellent, insulation, long-lasting materials, and a solar-powered smart fabric technology to harness the sunlight and infrared energy (like your own body heat) to increase the garment temperatures up to 18°F in two minutes. Narvik keeps you warm using already available energy sources. The fabrics are breathable to regulate temperature and offer a fleece lining for extra comfort. These features together create a jacket that reduces the need to wear two extra layers of clothing. With every jacket purchase, we'll include a one-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. Additionally, if you’re worried about not getting the correct size when purchasing online, we’ll happily exchange your unwashed and undamaged jacket for a new one in the right size - free of charge.
All Narvik jackets utilize the smart fabric ThermalTech, a specially coated 100% stainless steel mesh that, when exposed to sunlight or body heat, will rapidly heat up. This smart fabric uses UV (sunlight) and infrared (body heat) radiation and increase in temperature by 18 degrees Fahrenheit over 2 minutes of continuous absorption. The mesh is durable and rigid, yet flexible allowing for a wide range of movement. Additionally, the mesh structure is able to regulate temperature to prevent overheating of the body.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I ensure the jacket will be warm enough?
Narvik jackets utilize a mixed set of fabrics: a polyester fleece lining, light padding, and a nylon or
polyester water repellent shell. The thin, yet effective, ThermalTech fabric is embedded beneath the shell and will heat up immediately upon exposure to sunlight and/or body heat. This feature can eliminate up to 2 layers of additional insulation needed.
How can I care for my jacket?
Narvik jackets are water-resistant and can be machine washed in cold water. To dry, simply leave the garment in a ventilated area, with or without sun. You may also wish to dry the jacket with no heat in a dryer.  
What if the jacket doesn't fit properly?
We understand buying online can be scary. That's why all Narvik jackets include a simple exchange policy. Simply call or email us and we will exchange your current jacket for a new one in the correct size.
Will my Narvik Jacket heat up at night or during cloudy  days?
Yes. The fabric will absorb body heat to keep wearers toasty. Additionally, indirect sunlight will work to add an extra boost of heat.
Will my Narvik Jacket charge my phone?
No. The ThermalTech smart fabric does not generate a current of electricity and can only be used to radiate heat to the body.
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